The Top 5 Ways to Make Space in Your Home


The holiday season is upon us, and that means guests galore! We’re all scrambling to find space for the end of the years celebrations, and what better way to make some than by heeding the suggestions of the Blog-Off experts?

To that end, we’ve taken their ideas and fished out the five best that will make space in your home; from simple rearrangement to more complex renovations, these are solutions for both for the holidays and beyond!

1. Declutter

One of our experts’ most frequent suggestions was just to get everything off the floor! As Katie from Roomations suggests, “install wall-mounted shelving and lighting instead of heavy end tables and floor lamps that take up space on the ground. If you’re willing to do a little remodeling, I strongly recommend finding where some built-in storage can help you de-clutter other parts of the home.”

One of the best examples of this kind of space is the area underneath your stairs, which can be converted into a powder room, playroom, or a closet with ease. After decluttering, gather what isn’t wanted by using Purple Heart, Salvation Army and other donation pickup services, or by going to Goodwill. is another fast and easy way to get rid of unwanted items.

2. Look to the Walls

When it comes to art, Lauri Ward has it right when she says to “remove any inexpensive looking pieces and leave one wall bare in each room as a resting place for the eye. This will make the room feel bigger, too. Then, for greater impact, gather, group and display any collections all together in one spot – in a china cabinet, on a tray on your cocktail table or on a bureau – to free up other surfaces and make your home feel more spacious and look more cohesive.”

3. Rearrange Appliances

Sometimes we take our arrangements for granted, and don’t realize that a few relatively simple switch-ups can make a lot more space than expected. Greg Chick had some great examples, including reducing a second bathtub to a standing shower, thereby making room for more storage space in the bathroom. Another great way to make room is by investing in a stackable washer-dryer combo, which are usually more efficient than the ordinary kind. As Greg says, “you end up using less water, get a rebate and better-washed clothes!”

4. Use Your Yard

Although this option may not work until spring rolls around, Peter Mosca had a good suggestion when he pointed out that “outdoor living spaces are functional, growing in popularity and offer homeowners an inexpensive way to unwind, and add value to the property.”

5. Check Your Basement

According to Lindsey at Unique Home Solutions, “your basement is a terrific place to start when in need of extra space. Many homeowners don’t use this space to its full potential due to the fear of leaks, water damage, mold, mildew, etc. The best thing anyone can do for their home is check for foundation problems and signs of moisture. Get your home waterproofed and it prevents serious problems to your home in the future and you can get your unused living and storage space back!”

This information was compiled from the answers provided by eLocal’s Home Experts. To see the original research, click here.