SSI supplemental security incomeThere are different types of SSI or supplemental security income provided by the Social Security Administration.

The four basic types of SSI include retirement benefits, benefits for dependents and survivors, and disability benefits.

The most common type of SSI benefit is for retirement.

Though most people are eligible for retirement SSI when they reach the age of 62, changes in the law have now raised the year of eligibility due to the year of your birth.

Another type of SSI benefits is for both dependents and survivors.

When the head of a household passes away, the surviving spouse and dependent children may apply for benefits. The amount that you receive will be determined by earnings of the deceased.

Surviving spouses and dependents may also qualify for benefits when the head of the family becomes disabled and can no longer work.

An individual who becomes disabled and can no longer work, may apply and receive SSI benefits.

To be found eligible you will need to show that you have medical verification documenting your disability and that you will be unable to work for at least the next twelve months.

Since there are several types of SSI benefits, it is best to work with an experienced attorney who can guide you through the application process.