Squirrels cause an entirely different problem than other pests. They can enter your home through faulty chimney openings, open windows or large holes in the foundation. Outside, squirrels can make a mess of your yard. There have been instances of homes that had such large squirrel population in the yard that it was nearly impossible to sit outside comfortably. Squirrels carry fleas and other parasites as well as rabies in some rare cases. If you have a problem inside or outside, you need a professional exterminator to help.

A pest control company can assess the problem and work with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to find the best possible way to eliminate the squirrel population from your yard. If you have a family living in your home, this poses other concerns for the exterminators. Pest management is something no one wants to think about, so the company you hire will take care of all the work and do periodic inspections to make sure the squirrels are not returning. It’s common to have squirrels here and there, but not an entire yard full of them.

If you have a problem with squirrels it would be wise to contact a pest management company that has experience working with squirrel elimination. This needs to be done safely and correctly. You cannot kill squirrels to get rid of them. The professional exterminator will tell you ways to protect your yard from further infestations. In some cases, you might have to clean up or remove some trees that are attracting the squirrel population. It will all depend on the reason the squirrels are attracted to your yard. Call a licensed and insured exterminator and have them inspect the property before making recommendations on how you can control your squirrel population.

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