Electrical sparking is a serious matter.

If you notice sparking wires in or out of your home, you need to shut down power immediately.

Do not go near the area until the power has been turned off. Shut off the circuit breakers or if have a fuse box, shut all power off and remove the fuses.

Wires that are sparking can have several causes.

The wires could be frayed or pulled from the circuit breaker box or fuse box. Wires might be loose. Outlets that spark might indicate worn wires or faulty outlets.

Sparking outlets could result in a wall fire if not corrected immediately.

If you have sparking wires outside your house, you need to shut your power down to prevent a possible power surge to the house.

When wires spark, it’s an emergency situation that needs to be addressed immediately by a professional, licensed, insured electrician.

Immediate action will prevent any damage to your home, the wiring in your home as well as you and your family.

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