A slow filling washing machine can be really frustrating. There are already a hundred other things that you would rather be doing than washing your clothes. So when it takes forever just to fill the tank, you feel like nothing is going to go your way. But just because your washing machine is slow to fill, doesn’t mean that there isn’t something you can do about it.

When your washing machine fills slowly it is a sign that the intake screen is clogged and needs to be cleaned or replaced. Of course, before going to all of that trouble, it is always a good idea to check the water supply hoses for kinks that are restricting the water supply. Water supply hoses can become kinked when moving the washing machine and will simply need to be straightened to fix the problem.

In order to access the intake screen you will need to move the washing machine so that you have access to the back of the machine where the water intake lines are connected. Make sure that you have the water turned off to the supply lines before you start to remove them or you will have water everywhere! Also, once the water is shut off, try pulling out the starter to release additional pressure from the lines. Use adjustable pliers to remove both the hot and cold intake lines.

The intake screen will either be made of metal wire or plastic. Be very careful when cleaning the screen because of you tear the screen, you will have to replace it. Screens are not expensive but an additional trip to the hardware store takes away time you could use for other things. Once the screens are clean, replace them and tightly connect the hot and cold water supply lines. Turn the water back on and fill the washing machine to test. If your washing machine still takes too long to fill, call a plumber to find the problem.

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