If you are a homeowner or plan to buy a home with a septic tank, there are a few important things that you need to know.

You have to continue maintenance on the septic tanks to insure that they continue to operate correctly.

If you have a problem with the tank, call a plumber immediately.

There could be slow drainage or no drainage at all. You might hear strange noises coming from your septic tank which could mean a clog or, in some cases, defective plumbing.

Septic systems are not do-it-yourself jobs.

Whether a small or large problem, any problem at all should be checked by a professional.

There are many different pumps for septic tanks including the sewage ejector pumps, and effluent pumps. You may also have a pump alarm that warns of a problem, such as needing to be pumped out or a problem with the septic system itself. Any of these pumps would require a professional to replace or repair.

You do not want to do something wrong and end up damaging a septic system. The systems are costly and need special maintenance. An experienced plumber can tell you the proper way to maintain your system and prevent future problems.

It’s good to get a basic understanding of how your system works. A professional plumber can answer your questions about the care and maintenance of your system.

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