separation agreementsSeparation agreements are legal documents that work out all of the major issues that divorcing couples face.

When a couple decides that they can no longer continue in their relationship and that the best course of action is to file for a divorce, there are many questions and issues that they will need to resolve.

A family law attorney can draw up a separation agreement.

Never make the mistake of believing that you and your spouse can work out all of your issues amongst yourselves, without the assistance and aid of an attorney.

There is no replacing the services of an experienced family law attorney, especially when it comes to separation agreements. Separation agreements are legally binding and determine and settle a number of different issues.

Before you complete a separation agreement, you will need to release a financial disclosure to your spouse and the court. The financial disclosure will document how much money you and your spouse have as this is pertinent information regarding the agreement.

Divorces are simpler and easier to obtain if no children are involved. However if you do have children and are able to work out issues of custody and visitation without the need for a trial, you may have won half of the battle.

If you and your spouse have worked out a suitable plan regarding the custody of your children, this information will be included in the separation agreement.

Again, be sure to have your attorney advise you on all aspects of your separation agreement, specifically in areas regarding child custody and visitation.

Separation agreements may become part of the final disposition so ensure that you work through your agreement carefully.