RV Water Heater Repair: Worth It?


The nice thing about having an RV is the nice luxuries that come with the package. It’s basically a home on wheels.

You have everything you need including the kitchen sink!
And, you’ll want hot water for that sink as well as the shower.

A RV water heater repair will come along sooner or later…along with all the nice luxuries. They work the same as a home water heater. If not properly maintained, a repair will be needed.
But, sometimes a RV water heater repair just won’t be worth the money or time involved.

For instance, one of the biggest mistakes that new RV owners make the first season of ownership is forgetting to empty the water tank during the winter. Just like water everywhere… when it gets really cold outside you need to keep the water from freezing. The thing to do is drain the system during winter storage time.

If you don’t drain the system and it freezes, you’re going to have a nice little crack develop in your tank. A RV water repair for a cracked tank isn’t worth the trouble. At this point it is almost cheaper buy a new tank.

Once you get ready to head back out in the springtime, don’t forget to fill your tank back up before running the heater. Failure to fill with water will overheat the tank causing your tank to basically melt!

Another RV water heater repair is the replacement of the anode rod. The harsh minerals found in drinking water can do harm to the metal of the water heater. As long as the anode rod is still able to corrode, your tank will not.

Many RV owners either do not know this which leads to the tank eventually corroding away causing major leaks. Again, once a hole develops in your heater; it is basically time to get a new one.