Every so often, eLocal will showcase a business that can be of additional value to its contractors.

This month we focus on Roofers World, a roofing tools and supplies company.

Roofing Tools: A Resource for Professional Roofers and Do-it-Yourselfers
Get cutting-edge roofing supplies from Roofers World

Roofers World provides innovative roofing supplies for both the professional and the handy homeowner. The company prides itself for creating tools specifically targeting contractors’ needs. It gathers feedback directly from its customers, making adjustments and developing new tools requested of them. All of Roofers World’s products are patented or patent pending, a result of heavy emphasis on research and development and ergonomics. In the interest of continuing to be on the cutting-edge of the roofing supplies industry, Roofers World strives to develop at least one new product a quarter.

To give you a preview of some of Roofers World’s products, four new releases, developed this year, include the following:

Little Red Ripper: This versatile prying tool grabs small staples and nails with ease, fitting easily in and around tight corners while providing maximum leverage and strength. It is the ultimate demolition tool for various applications, including everything from moving tile, siding, flooring and roofing.

Snostop Plus: Snostop Plus has been introduced to the marketplace as the only plastic snow guard with a heat cable option. These “snow stops,” or “snow brakes,” are easily installed on any roof type. This tool helps reduce liability and damage to property or pedestrians from sliding snow and ice.

Endura Bracket: Roof brackets are used as scaffolding during roof renovation to keep workers and supplies safe and secure. The Endura Bracket is unlike standard metal roofing brackets, which are often designed with one weld for strength. This roof bracket holds at least twice the load and lasts tremendously longer, as it is supported with four additional welds.

Adapt-a-Bracket: This roof staging bracket is the toughest and safest staging bracket on the market. It is made of a material stronger than steel, conveniently adjusts from 45 to 60 degrees, and tested four times stronger than economy roof brackets.

Roofers World supplies furnish three different divisions, including the architectural, wholesale, and retail markets. The Architectural Division focuses on products sold directly to architects, designers, installers, and general contractors. The most popular products in this arena include Snostop, an industrial snow management system, and RNC Anchors, permanent fall arrest roof anchors. Since 1996, Roofers World has installed over 15,000 RNC roof anchors and over 5000 Snostop custom snow management systems. RNC Anchors and Snostop are leading suppliers for federal, provincial, industrial, commercial, and corporate architectural projects in Canada and the USA.

The Wholesale Division supplies products for the reseller market. This division caters to the needs of national retailers, resellers, and roofing distributors. Roofers World brands can be found at various retailers across the United States and Canada. In the US, some of its main resellers include Bradco, ABC Supply and Prime Source, leaders in the retail roofing supplies market. Its bestselling roofing tool categories include tear of tools, roofing brackets, roofing knives/blades, and hammers/hatchets. The Red Ripper is currently the most popular item in the USA among roofers.

Lastly, Roofers World’s Retail Division storefront provides roofing supplies and materials to contractors in the Ottawa (Canada) market. The supplies in this division include Roofers World’s own brands and generic roofing brands from recognized distributors. New in January 2010, Roofers World introduced the e-store for convenience of homeowners and contractors to purchase quality roofing tools online. Orders are shipped same day and tracking information is sent instantly via e-mail to trace the safe arrival of your package.

In sum, Roofers World’s mission statement showcases its dedication to superior quality: “To be recognized by our customers, distributors, and vendors as category leaders for innovative roofing products which offer ‘above and beyond’ product quality and performance.”

For more information and to browse Roofers World’s products, visit www.roofersworld.com.