Roof Drains

Roof Drains

A leaky roof might not be coming from the roof itself, but from clogged roof drains.

Over the years, a roof drain can become clogged with debris causing a back-up of water that could flow over the flashing and into the attic of the house.

From there water may leak into the ceilings and down the walls.

Regular maintenance of the roof drains is necessary to prevent a leaky roof. But, many homeowners do not even realize that they have a drain on the roof.

Not all drain problem are solved by a good cleaning. If the drain is old, it might mean you will need to replace it to permanently stop the leaking. Although this is uncommon, it can happen.

A professional plumber is able to tell you if the drain is just clogged or in need of replacement.

Sometimes homeowners think they have a leaky roof when, actually, a pipe in an upstairs bathroom is leaking and traveling through the ceiling.

In cases like these, it’s not a job for a roofer, but an experienced plumber.