roadside sobriety testsOne of the most commonly used tests by law enforcement is the roadside field sobriety test.

Roadside field sobriety tests are used to check a number of different abilities exhibited by the suspect. These include balance, motor skills, and focus.

An officer may pull over a driver at any time that they suspect they may be driving while intoxicated. However some states choose to set up roadside checkpoints.

These checkpoints are used to monitor drivers and stop drunk drivers before they have the chance to cause harm to themselves and others.

When stopped by a police officer and asked to take a field sobriety test, it is always best to cooperate with the officer and take the test. When people refuse to take these tests, they are making a statement of supposed guilt that may come back to haunt them if they are charged for drunk driving or driving under the influence.

When there is evidence of an illegal amount of alcohol in the blood, attorneys often recommend that their clients plead guilty and will seek a plea bargain. Though all cases are governed by state law, sentences are stiffer for repeat offenders

If you are even charged with drunk driving you must contact a experienced lawyer as soon as you possibly can. Your only chance of having a less serious sentence or avoiding jail time is to hire a lawyer who can represent you in a court of law.