Removing an old bathtub? If this is not your idea of a fun afternoon, join the club.

When I decided to tackle the project of removing an old bathtub there were certain aspects of the job that seemed as though it would be fun. But there were other things that made me nervous.

I would love to be able to handle all of the remodeling projects in our house; after all, doing the work yourself is a great way to save money during an expensive remodel. But, I often run into obstacles such as… not having the right tools, not having enough know-how to do a job right or not having enough time.

Removing an old bathtub meant that the plumbing had to be correct. I also knew I needed to reuse the existing plumbing in order to hook-up anew bathtub.

Another big concern was being sure of the local building codes. I knew that if certain things are not done to code, it could endanger me and my family and could become an issue should I want to sell my house.

My father-in-law is a lot handier than I am. He has a nice collection of power tools and has worked as either the official or unofficial maintenance man at every job he’s ever had.

When I decided to remove my old bathtub and install a new one, I also decided to consult with him because he was going to be helping me with the project.

First decision we made was to have a professional plumber unhook the existing bathtub and hook-up the new bathtub once we had it in place.

With the plumbing no longer a concern, we were able to focus our time and energy on removing the old bathtub and doing as little damage as possible to the existing walls. In the end, the bathtub removal and installation was much easier, and gave me peace of mind knowing that the plumbing was going to be handled by a professional…and that it would be done correctly.

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