easementsEasements are rights that allow an individual to access land owned by another person or company.

When two boundaries cross, an easement is a legal contract that ensures that another party can freely access the property without fear of trespassing.

With an easement, the original owner continues to hold the property but allow others to use it on a continual basis.

When purchasing real estate, it’s important to know if there are any easements attached to the land.

In some situations, you may be interested in purchasing real estate only to find that your property runs adjacent with your neighbors and that you will need to create an easement for the best access to your property.

There are several types of easements however the majority of them may be classified as fitting in one of two categories- affirmative and negative easements.

An affirmative easement is an agreement that allows someone access to the property.

Negative easements are easements that do not allow individuals or company’s access or rights to certain structures or property.

Retaining the services of an attorney is your best option when it’s needed to create an easement since this will be a legally binding contract.