Many lending companies now require real estate certifications which state the property is free of any pests. The reason for this practice is that lenders realize people are spending a good deal of money on a property and they do not want the new owner to have to spend hundreds of dollars ridding the property of pests. Exterminators offer an inspection service and a certificate stating the property is free of any infestations. If the property is found to have an infestation, the current owner will have to pay for eliminating the pest and place a pest management plan into action for at least a year after the first inspection

A property owner selling a property would be wise to have the inspection done before advertising the property for sale. A slow down in the sale of the property can result if the inspection finds evidence of an infestation. Pest control company representatives will inspect and evaluate the property before giving any certification. If they find even the slightest problem, they have to report this problem to the lender. The best thing for a property owner to do is have the property inspected and deal with the infestation before trying to sell the property.

This is a good practice by lenders because it protects the buyer from possibly buying a home that is infested with a pest. Termites are the biggest concern for lenders. Termites and carpenter ants can destroy a wood structure if not caught in time. Lenders may not approve a loan for a property that has such pests because the extent of the damage may not be immediately known. The seller should pay for this service rather than the buyer. If the property owner does not comply, look for a different property where the seller is prepared to cooperate.

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