Rat infestations in your yard often mean that you have rats in your home. Rats are carriers of disease and parasites that can cause some serious health problems. If you have rats in your yard, your health risks are lower than if they are to get into the home. Still you need to eliminate the population quickly and effectively. Rodent urine and feces can cause respiratory problems in healthy people. Rats carry fleas, mites and other parasites that can transmit disease as well. If you notice two or more rats in your yard, you should call a pest control company and have them inspect your yard and the interior of the home.

Professional exterminators know what to look for and are trained in the safe methods of pest control. You do not want to put out poisons and take a chance that the rats will go somewhere else and die. This presents an entirely new problem, especially in the home. Proper care has to be taken when dealing with rat infestations. Secondary problems can arise. Find an exterminator that will safely eliminate the rats and put a pest management plan into action to keep your home and yard safe and free of any more rats.

Rats can enter the home from different areas. You need to find all points of entry and secure those places so the rats cannot get back into the house. Sewer covers much be checked. If they are worn and loose, sewer rats can enter the basement of homes. Even the biggest rat can get into a home through the smallest hole. Exterminators are trained to inspect and find all potential openings. There are proper ways to eliminate rats and there are unsafe methods, choose a licensed and insured exterminator that provides a safe and effective way to eliminate the rat.

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