Removing raccoons from your yard or under your porch takes a professional with training in safe methods of removal. Live bait traps are used to trap the raccoon and then they are taken to the wild were they are released. The unfortunate problem with raccoons is that where there is one, there are probably more. Raccoons will find areas under houses and porches to make a home. Raccoons can also carry fleas, which can cause a secondary problem in the yard.

Pest management is essential when dealing with wild animal removal because there is usually a secondary problem left behind. Professional exterminators that are trained in the safe removal of raccoons will also check the yard for fleas as well as reasons as to why the raccoons chose your yard for their home in the first place. Pest control is not something that homeowners should attempt themselves. It is much more involved than just trapping the pest. You need to find the reason for the problem and if there are any other pest issues that may have resulted. You can call a licensed and insured exterminator and have them come to your home and see the best way to remove any pests you have.

If you need help, the professional pest control company will look everything over and tell you what the problem is, how to take care of it, and what is needed to prevent it from reoccurring. Pest removal is not always as easy as it sounds. Raccoons especially can be mean if you try to make them leave their home. Wild raccoons can also have rabies and other diseases that can cause health problems for the public. You need someone trained for this type of work. Safety is the main concern when dealing with pest control.

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