abuseWhen a couple gets divorced, it isn’t uncommon for false accusations and allegations to surface.

Sometimes, one spouse may become so emotionally charged and upset during the end of the marriage that they begin to develop scenarios that simply aren’t true.

Other times, one spouse may lie point blank and claim spousal abuse.

If one spouse can show that the other is abusive then they will most likely win custody of the children. However, for a spouse who is falsely accused of abuse, the implications are greatly devastating.

Of course, children, women, and even men who are truly at risk need protection from abuse.

Protection orders and legal action must be taken to protect innocent victims from greater harm.

But for those who are falsely being accused, there is a need for a family attorney, and possibly even a criminal defense attorney.

If you are in the process of divorce and your spouse has made false accusations of abuse against you, they may have already begun to take an order of protection. This can limit your rights to access your home, your spouse, and your children.

Spousal abuse is a very experienced charge. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help show the court that the allegations are not based on fact and help restore your rights, including having access to your children.