There are different things you can do or have done to prevent infestations. Many people do not use the preventive pest control advice they receive. Exterminators can give you many tips to prevent infestations, but you have to follow the advice correctly for it to work. During the summer, you need to remove any spider webs you see inside and outside of the home. Using yellow light bulbs outside will attract fewer flying insects as well. You need to check door frames and windows for cracks and holes. If you find any flaws, you need to correct this so that nothing can enter the home.

During the winter months, you need to make sure you have no entryways into the home for rats, mice or other rodents. This includes checking the foundation for cracks and holes. Make sure the chimney has a screen protecting the opening and clean all debris out of the yard. The best thing to do in the yard is to keep everything off the ground.

Rodents will burrow under woodpiles and garbage cans that sit directly on the ground. Exterminators can help you with any preventative pest control advice. They are very helpful with pest management and know what to look for and inspect in any season of the year. It is easier to have an exterminator come to your home and inspect for possible problems before an infestation happens.

The pest control company may also recommend tips for preventing infestations during the spring and summer months to keep bees and wasps from making their home near or in your home. They can also use preventive pesticides to prevent ants and other crawling insects from entering your home. Preventative measures should be used to keep your home free of unwanted pests any time of the year.

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