A power surge can and often does damage electronic equipment.

For computer equipment, it is always wise to use a surge protector, which helps eliminate surges of power that can damage the circuitry in the computer.

This is true for almost all of your electronics including the new HDTV’s.

Power surges can be damaging depending on the amount of power as well as how often it happens. You need to use a grounded outlet for all electronics and appliances. Lightening is a form of power surge as well as faulty wiring or incorrectly installed wiring.

Refrigerators can sometimes cause a power surge as well as window air conditioners. You can have a power surge come through satellite TV, cable lines and phone lines as well.

In most cases, your wiring can be at fault if not installed properly, or your wiring may be old and in need of an upgrade.If you turn on the microwave and the refrigerator starts running, a power surge may occur.

Sometimes people overload circuits or fuses and a power surge can result. It is important to have large appliances on their own circuits and have the proper outlets installed.

If you notice power surges when certain appliance turn on or when you are running many items at one time, it may be wise to have some electrical work done to separate some appliances that are on the same circuit breaker or fuse. If you have a fuse box, have an electrician update your electric by replacing the fuse box and wiring with a circuit breaker box.

Experienced electricians will make sure that the panel is large enough to handle the size of your home and all your electrical needs. This is important to protect all your electrical items and save on future costs for damaging power surges. Power surges are a warning that something is not right in your home.

To ensure the safety of you, your family and your home, you should have a professional, licensed, insured electrician thoroughly inspect the wiring in your home if you feel you are experiencing any electrical problems.

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