A plumbing clog will happen in your home, sooner or later, regardless of how careful you are about what you run through your pipes.

Clogs can occur in the toilet, sink, bathtub, shower or even the main drain exiting your home. Many plumbing clogs can be solved rather quickly.

If a plumbing clog doesn’t clear after a few attempts, it would be best to call a professional plumber because exerting too much force on your plumbing could lead to permanent damage.
In the event of a clogged drain, grab the traditional plunger.

If you don’t have one on hand, you can buy one at any number of retail locations and the cost is generally very reasonable. I keep a couple of plungers in my house for different uses.

My bathroom plunger has a horn on the end of it to help direct the water with maximum force. My sink plunger is very small, something that I can keep under the sink and won’t take up too much space. As a piece of advice, once a plunger has been used in a toilet, do not use that plunger anywhere other than another toilet.

For more advanced clogs, you may want to consider purchasing a power auger. A power auger has a length of piping and a motor that can operate in forward or reverse. This is especially necessary to clean a clog in the main drainpipe of your house where things like tree roots can invade and block your pipes.

Of course, a powered auger is a piece of specialized equipment that you will not need to use frequently. It is up to you to decide whether or not you want to incur the expense of adding a power auger to your tool collection.

As for me, when I have a major clog in my home’s primary drain pipes, I call in a plumber to make sure the job is done right.

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