Pipe freezing is a method for stopping the flow of water in order to repair pipes and valves.

Turning off the water, especially with large systems, may not be the best option.

But, a pipe cannot be cut or repaired while water is running through it. Pipe freezing kits solve this problem by creating ice seals wherever they are needed, holding back the flow of water.

The ice seals can hold back a large amount of pressure since ice adheres to steel. Friction and irregular pipe shape also contribute to holding the seal in place, even when the pressure is very great.

While accidental ice formation can damage a pipe, controlled pipe freezing doesn’t pose such a risk.

The uneven formation of the ice during accidental freezing can cause pressure differentials in the unfrozen water that can cause breaks in pipe.

Of course, pipe freezing is an advanced plumbing technique and should be performed only by a trained professional plumber or pipe freezing technician. Not only are there are safety protocols to observe, but there are also specific procedures to follow in order to get the best results.

A professional plumber will give you expert advice on whether pipe freezing is the best solution for your pipe repair needs.

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