Penalties for Drunk Driving


penalties drunk drivingDrunk driving is a serious offense and carries stiff penalties.

Every state has different laws pertaining to drunk driving, and therefore each state carries different sentences and penalties.

There are different situations contributing to why a person is convicted for drunk driving. These reasons are taken into account when sentencing.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The only recourse of action that you have is to have a strong defense, and that will only come through representation by an attorney experienced with such situations.

You will be arrested, booked, and attend an arraignment. At this point, you may post bail or choose to plead guilty. If you plead guilty, your attorney may choose to plea bargain. If your lawyer is successful at entering a plea bargain, you will face a lesser penalty than if your case had gone to court.

After an arraignment comes a preliminary hearing. During the preliminary hearing a judge will decide whether or not there should be a trial.

Because all cases are different, your attorney will help devise the best strategy for your specific situation.