paternity suitsBefore DNA testing it was often impossible to determine a biological parent of a child.

Women could pass off a child as being any man’s biological offspring, and there was little but gut instinct and deeply rooted suspicion to counteract the claims.

Now through DNA testing, identifying a child’s birth father is an everyday occurrence.

Paternity suits are filed every day and they involve a legal lawsuit to determine whether or not a man is a child’s birth father.

Since child support and alimony are commonly awarded in a divorce case, if there is doubt, it’s important for men to known for certain they are the child’s biological father.

If you are in a divorce case, or if a woman has named you as the father of her child or children and you don’t believe that you are the biological father then you should contact the services of a family law attorney who can represent you in the custody case.

If you have been paying child support payments and it is discovered that you are not the father of the child or children, that you may be entitled to be repaid for child support paid.

Sometimes mothers may be the ones to bring up paternity suits. This may be when a woman believes that a man is the father of her child or children and the man is denying his responsibility. The woman may petition the court for a paternity suit, to prove that the man in question is the biological father.

If you have had a paternity lawsuit filed against you, and you believe that you aren’t the father, you will need the services of an attorney to represent you in court.