No matter where you live, whether you own or rent your home, there will come a time when there is an issue with a neighbor, often involving a pet.

Sometimes people just don’t respect the rights of other people living close by.

How do deal with neighborly issues is important to a community’s peace and harmony.

One of the most common problems people have with their neighbors revolves around their pets.

The first step in dealing with problems is to speak calmly about the issue at hand.

Because most people regard their pets as family members, a defensive, protective and obstinate attitude might be quickly taken. If nothing can be resolved in a neighborly fashion, it might that police action is needed.

However, sometimes even the police aren’t successful in resolving the issue. If this occurs, the best way to change the situation may be through small claims court.

By meeting with a lawyer you can determine whether or not you have enough evidence to present your case in a court of law. Before the meeting gather documentation of every instance that occurred involving the pet and your discussions with the neighbor. If the neighbor’s pet caused any damage to property or person, have appropriate bills as part of your documentation.

Once you meet with the lawyer, you’ll have a clear understand of how to proceed.

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