Many people do not know that there are different types of moths that can invade the home. The most common type are those that eat holes in your clothes. These moths can ruin clothes if they are not eliminated quickly. Another common type is the Indian meal moth, which is beige with darker tips on its wings and is commonly found infesting dry foods. If you see more than a few moths, you could have an infestation. If you have an infestation of moths, you need to take the proper measures and contact an exterminator to eliminate the problem.

If you see the Indian meal moth, inspect all your dry foods and throw out any open packages that are in the home. Chances are high that the moth larvae is going to be present. By keeping foods in sealed containers, you can eliminate an infestation. Professional exterminators can help you with a pest management plan to keep your foods safe if you are having problems. If you have small holes in your clothes for some unexplained reason, you probably have clothes moths in the home.

Eliminating the clothes moth might require an exterminator to help you determine the appropriate plan of action. Pest control is not always done by applying pesticides. It is about using the right cleaning methods and pesticides together. Contact a pest control company if you have a moth infestation and have them identify the moth and tell you what has to be done to eliminate the problem. If you use pesticides yourself, you could cause some potential health problems for yourself and any pets you might have in the home.

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