Above all, marketing is supposed to help your business. Now, more than ever, an effective marketing campaign is vital to keep businesses afloat during the down economy.

But many businesses struggle to know which direction(s) to take their marketing campaign. If you’re looking to improve your marketing strategy, make sure you take a look at these tips from our experts.

Social Media

Social media platforms are numerous and their reach is even greater. Businesses need to approach social media differently than private parties. It is important to create content that is useful to the public and your potential customers. Even more, if you can create a relationship with your readers, your campaign will be most successful.

Grand View Builders says,

“Our social media marketing strategy is more focused on developing our brand, rather than a hard sell. We are active on social media to increase our brand awareness and brand loyalty throughout the market which we believe will convert more sales than traditional marketing (and this is less expensive, too!).”

Sales pitches should not clutter your social media pages. This will detract from building a strong audience. By offering quality content that engages the trust and respect of your followers, you can create a loyal customer base.


Many potential customers will go to your website before they choose to utilize your services. Whether they are headed to your site to get your location or survey your service, this impression is vital. Therefore, your website is an ongoing project that will pay-off over time.

Mike Slattery of Roofer Mike INC says,

“As a growing roofing company in Miami, Fl we have taken an organic as possible approach to marketing. We’re not on PPC(Google Adwords) or lead generators(Service Magic) as they’re expensive and results are short term. We are investing in our website, which I wrote myself and took the pics for and paid a computer geek $100 at a time to build($2K to date). After a year and a half it looks and ranks pretty good. This investment will pay off in the long term as we perfect the site and the domain ages.”

Slattery explains that his company invested in their website. He explains that, over time, they have seen an improved page rank and website design, which he is confident will continue to pay off.

Long-Term Commitment

Marketing takes time and a great deal of effort. Few marketing campaigns are successful, unless they are varied in their channels. Marketing should include a mix of social media, website updates, phone and internet efforts, and traditional media like newspapers. With patience, these efforts will improve business.

Richard Koller of Criterium-Tauscher Cronacher explains,

“Marketing and promotion takes patience. A company that is available, flexible, committed and open to changes reaps the highest benefits. The ultimate goal is to exploit the momentum of company milestones, media coverage or social commentary that has gone ‘viral’. Although there are risks involved and a constantly changing social landscape that directly impacts business, no one can afford to sit idle; you have to be ready. To optimize marketing efforts businesses need to be seen on as many outlets as possible and ensure tablet, phone and internet efforts are integrated in addition to conventional media such as newspapers, word of mouth and face to face. The key takeaway, however, is to have an exceptional product and put our money where our mouths are.”

Koller’s comment is useful, because in addition to all of the marketing strategies that he shares, he reminds us of the bigger picture. Once you bring customers in the door, your product better impress.