Especially with the holidays coming up, we’re all thinking about how we’re going to squeeze a lot of friends and family into our homes.

And while it can be cozy to cram ten people around a five-person table on Thanksgiving, we thought that maybe that kind of situation is better avoided. So, with the help of experts, we’re compiling some great ideas for how to make space when you need it.

Why We’re Asking:

There are a lot of space-saving options out there-Ikea has made an empire out of the idea-but a lot of the time it seems like you’d need to overhaul your whole home to get them to work. Aside from knocking down all four walls, we’re hoping that there are some other options for those with a lot of company in the coming weeks. We’re looking for ways to make space that work with anyone’s style and needs.

So we’re turning to the experts to find some ways to make space. They’ll be weighing in right here in the comments. What does this mean? Homeowners will get the raw, unedited answers directly from the experts. It also gives you, the homeowners, an opportunity to ask the professionals for clarification directly.

So experts, it’s time to weigh in:

What can you do to make the most out of your living space?

What are your suggestions for making the most out of a living space?
Are there any flexible options for people when they’re entertaining, or just for homeowners who just want a little more room for themselves?
Whether that means purchasing multi-functional furniture, trying a different layout, or making renovations, what are some ways that you’ve seen or used to homes find more space?

Experts, post your answers in the comment field below!

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