Liabilities/Guarantees in Real Estate – Legal Awards


Home purchases involve a slew of processes that are often hard to manage or follow closely. Inspections, title transfers, mortgage agreements, property taxes, and more make for a pile of paperwork and an exhausted homeowner. In some cases, your realtor or real estate lawyer can help you sift and organize these requirements so that you don’t miss any important reviews that could cost you money later.

Yet even with help, things can get overlooked. Whether it’s a mishandled inspection or an undisclosed problem with the neighborhood, home buyers are terrified of the unknown when signing the lease. We wanted to find out what happens when something is wrong with a newly purchased home. More importantly, we want to find out how home buyers can protect their assets against nasty unknown issues. To find out more about this issue, we asked our panel of realtors and real estate lawyers. They replied with great information and we’ve highlighted some of the most beneficial comments below.

Later in the week we’ll feature a follow-up article which takes information from all of our realtor and real estate lawyer’s comments for a full featured summary article.