The unthinkable happens… you get in a car accident, rendering you speechless, putting you in a coma, or otherwise rendering you unable to argue for yourself. What are your legal rights? This is a situation none of us particularly want to think about, but it is necessary be aware of for yourself or your loved ones. If there are documents that need to be filed or written, this preparation can be life changing and save you a lot of heartache if the worst does happen.

You will never regret preparing for the worst situation; such preparation will only result in better outcomes for you and your family.

Personal Injury lawyers know the ins and outs of such laws. Before you or a loved one ends up speechless from a tragic accident, learn your rights and make sure your wishes are clear.

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How do personal injury lawyers proceed when victims cannot speak for themselves after an accident?

Which laws are in place to protect their rights?

How should people prepare for such an accident?

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