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rent vs buy

How do you know if it is better to buy or rent a home?

This week our real estate professionals delved into the advantages of both buying and renting. We learned that there is no perfect option, because each individual situation is different. Renting may be better for those with jobs that cause frequent relocation, while buying may be better for those who want to personalize their space and set down permanent roots. Below we have broken down the main advantages of both renting and buying a home. Hopefully this insight from our legal professionals can help you figure out which is the right choice for you! RENTING 1) Flexibility Renting allows a freedom …

divorce infographic

How can you secure your financial future post-divorce?

Divorce is an unfortunate fact of life. People fall in and out love, relationships change, and eventually many marriages dissolve. There are nearly infinite possible causes for divorce and predicting or generalizing about how it comes about is very difficult. Over time however, there do appear to be some trends and patterns in divorce across the country. In fact, we recently asked our legal network to share their experiences with divorce trends. We learned that there are in fact certain patterns to divorce and even more popular seasons for divorce. For example, some attorneys cited that the end of the …


Great Escapes

While the number of people incarcerated in US prisons has increased over recent history exponentially, the number of successful escapes has essentially plummeted. Some successful tools used to escape range from hacksaws to spoons and rain coats. To learn more about these fascinating prison breaks, we created the infographic below highlighting escapees, statistics on prisons, and convictions escapees have been given. Need legal help? Find a Local Lawyer Search

social media

How does social media affect the legal world?

Social media is a universal reality in the modern world. Everyone is exposed to it in one way or another. Businesses are trying to use social media to their benefit, some more successfully than others. Law firms have to be more careful when using this tool. They have to be aware of privacy issues. Likewise, for their clients, Facebook and Twitter posts can now be used as evidence in court. The advice generally agreed on one thing: limit what you share on Facebook. Law firms can benefit from sharing universally useful legal tips, but sharing victories in court can breech …

crime punishment

Crimes & Punishments Through Time

Some might say that the U.S.’s criminal justice system needs work, but at least we can all agree that the majority of world history was filled with law systems where criminals fared far worse. This infographic takes you from the drowning of witches in ancient Babylon to the prison sentences for Somali pirates a few years ago. You’ll see how the world’s crimes and punishments have changed, yet also stayed the same, throughout the years. Need legal help? Find a Local Lawyer Search