Great Divide: 6 Divorce Trends of Today Infographic

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Great Divide: 6 Divorce Trends of Today

Divorce is an unfortunate fact of life. People fall in and out love, relationships change, and eventually many marriages dissolve. There are nearly infinite possible causes for divorce and predicting or generalizing about how it comes about is very difficult. Over time however, there do appear to be some trends and patterns in divorce across the country.


Great Escapes

While the number of people incarcerated in US prisons has increased over recent history exponentially, the number of successful escapes has essentially plummeted. Some successful tools used to escape range from hacksaws to spoons and rain coats. To learn more about these fascinating prison breaks, we created the infographic below highlighting escapees, statistics on prisons, and convictions escapees have been given. Need legal help? Find a Local Lawyer Search


The Trials of a Juror

Every year, thousands of Americans are called to fulfill one of their few mandatory duties as citizens: to serve on a jury. Jury duty is one of the most important facets of our justice system and yet not all jurors are thrilled to be a part of it. To find out more about our juror system, we created the infographic below highlighting summons, selection, deliberation, payment and more. Need legal help? Find a Local Lawyer Search


How to Fight Foreclosure

Foreclosure is a solution that no one wants to reach. In the process, families lose homes, neighbors and financial stability, and lenders almost always lose money. In the end, no one wins. We asked our realtors and real estate lawyers how to fight off foreclosure. Their responses in our “How Can I Protect Against Foreclosure?” post have been distilled–along with information from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development–into the infographic below. Fighting off Foreclosure When your payments start sliding, it’s good to know about the top four defenses for yourself and your home Mortgage Modification Your existing loan …

sue happy

Sue-Happy America

It seems like every day we hear about another ridiculous lawsuit. Although the worst of them (such as the man who tried to sue himself) usually don’t go anywhere, the sad truth is that the USA is the most litigious nation in the world, and we waste huge sums of money on the system that supports our lawsuit addiction. But is it really a handful of greedy people who are to blame, or does the problem go deeper? Need legal help? Find a Local Lawyer Search

crime punishment

Crimes & Punishments Through Time

Some might say that the U.S.’s criminal justice system needs work, but at least we can all agree that the majority of world history was filled with law systems where criminals fared far worse. This infographic takes you from the drowning of witches in ancient Babylon to the prison sentences for Somali pirates a few years ago. You’ll see how the world’s crimes and punishments have changed, yet also stayed the same, throughout the years. Need legal help? Find a Local Lawyer Search