Hiring a Lawyer


Insurance Claims: Clauses to Watch For

The world of insurance is complicated, no matter what variety you’re looking into buying. Unfortunately, with so many options, it can be easy to trip yourself up and choose a policy that doesn’t suit your needs. This is a major problem in all situations, but it is especially bad if you find yourself in a situation where you need to utilize your insurance policy, and it turns out that you aren’t covered. An insurance policy that doesn’t cover your claim can mean you have to pay for your court costs out of pocket, or even that you will get poorer …


When is Settling the Right Choice?

With the plethora of courtroom dramas and police procedurals on television these days, it’s no surprise that everybody thinks they know more about the legal profession than they really do. The truth is, dramatizations of legal proceedings are nothing like how cases really go down, and these exciting yet false portrayals can really skew a client’s expectations when they end up needing to argue a case. One of the elements that suffers the most is the settlement. Too often, clients equate “settling” with “losing,” and develop a false sense that if their lawyer is encouraging them to settle, it’s because …


How can you make legal expenses affordable?

Figuring out how to navigate the legal world while dealing with a case of your own is stressful enough without having to worry about how you’re going to pay for everything. Unfortunately, legal council can get quite expensive, and many people forego appropriate representation simply because they cannot afford it. Other people go into debt trying to pay fees that are well beyond their means, which can be disastrous if they do not win their case or get a settlement in the end. But how can clients find affordable legal help? What are their options? To find the answer to …

workers compensation

How do worker’s compensation laws work?

Worker’s compensation laws are extensive and difficult to understand. Since most states require worker’s comp laws, they apply to virtually all employed people in the United States. These laws provide workers with coverage of medical expenses for accidents occurring on the job. But worker’s compensation laws also serve to protect employers from liability lawsuits. There is a wide array of circumstances which can elicit worker’s comp cases. Problems may occur when employers do not keep their worker’s compensation insurance current or when employees fail to report their injuries in a timely manner. If an employer is unaware of the injury, …

advice for legal

Most Practical Advice from our Legal Professionals in 2012

We launched the Legal Network just six months ago, but we have learned a great deal from our legal professionals in this short time. While we have focused on personal injury and real estate law, our network has also answered many general law questions that are very helpful in all legal situations. To finish off 2012, we have compiled a list of our favorite tips from all our legal professionals have offered this year. Real Estate Law 1) A real estate attorney can be of great use with complex real estate transactions. However, they are not always needed to complete …

medical malpractice

How do you file a medical malpractice case?

When the negligence of a doctor or other medical professional causes harm or injury, you may have a medical malpractice case on your hands. This type of case can occur through diagnosis errors, the wrong treatment, poor health management, or misguided aftercare. Due to the personal nature of medical malpractice cases, these cases are more difficult than most legal cases to sift through. We have put together a few useful suggestions if you ever find yourself filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. How to Prove Your Medical Malpractice Case Once you believe you have experienced mistreatment by a medical professional, you …

class action

How do class action lawsuits work?

Class action lawsuits are everywhere. They range from product failures to serious side effects from drugs. For example, one current class action suit is against Makita Battery Packs and their failure rate due to a design defect. At the same time, a recently successful class action lawsuit brought attention to the many patients who took Yaz or Yasmin birth control and have suffered serious side effects like blood clots that have resulted in stroke. With this wide range of class action lawsuits it can be difficult to know how to respond when you’re involved in such a suit. But our …

virtual lawyers

How should you evaluate virtual lawyers?

When we asked our legal network how clients should evaluate virtual lawyers, we received a wide array of responses and advice. Some explained that legal services are not the same without in-person consultation and conversation; others claimed that physical law offices and virtual law firms produce the same results, just using different forms of communication. Either way, all of our legal professionals agreed that virtual lawyers share an array of differences from physical law firms, and it is up to the client to see what type of firm would best serve their case. Our network generally agreed on one thing: …

legal fees

How do you evaluate legal fees?

When we asked our legal network how clients should evaluate legal fees, we received a wide array of responses and advice. Some explained that legal fees are based on what the firm can afford to charge based on their traffic, while others claimed that increased legal fees could mean that the lawyer has more experience. Either way, everyone agreed that hiring a legal professional is like any other purchase, do your research before you sign a contract or start work with a lawyer. More money does not ensure that you will win your case. However, sometimes spending more on legal …

small large law firm

How do you choose between big and small law firms?

When we asked our panel of attorneys how to choose a lawyer, they unanimously answered with the same criteria: consider their experience and areas of specialty. This week, we asked how firm size might play into these characteristics. Our panel helped point us in the right direction and shed some light on how big firms and small firms are different.