Throughout US history, there have been a few landmark cases that the general public knows well, or at least recognizes when they hear the name. Plessy vs. Ferguson. Brown vs. the Board of Education. Roe vs. Wade. These cases became well-known because they affected the course of history and political discourse in the United States, but they are not the only cases that the general public could benefit from knowing. Landmark cases exist across all legal disciplines, and they can set precedents that affect citizens at an individual level. For example, what cases should you look at during a property dispute? How about for divorce proceedings? We want to know what the need-to-know landmark cases are in your discipline.

Why we’re asking:

The US legal system is built on precedence. Previous court rulings matter a lot in the enforcement of laws, and they influence how later legal cases are pursued. Understanding the landmark cases that shaped any given legal discipline is essential if you are going to file a legal claim, which is why hiring a reliable lawyer is so important. We hope to help the average citizen understand a little bit more about the cases that define your specialty.

Professionals, share your thoughts below:

What landmark cases shaped your legal specialty?

Are there any landmark cases that you consider essential knowledge even for a layperson?

Are there any cases that you often see misused or misunderstood?

What’s your personal favorite precedent-setting case?

Landmark cases that set precedence are an essential part of the US legal system. Knowing which ones are important can help citizens understand their own legal predicaments, and maybe avoid getting into legal trouble in the first place.

Please post your answers in the comment field below!

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