If you believed what you saw on TV, you would think that all legal cases went to court, where angry attorneys fought it out in front of a grumpy judge and a colorful jury. In reality, however, many cases are settled out of court, without ever going to trial. In fact, this is a preferable arrangement in many situations. But how can you know when a settlement is the right choice?

Why we’re asking

Misunderstandings about the legal profession and what it entails have given tons of potential clients the wrong idea about how it works. When you hear about somebody “settling out of court,” it is often portrayed as a bad thing, but the fact is that settling is often a better option. To find out more, we’re turning to our legal professionals, to find out what they look for in a settlement to ensure that clients are getting what they deserve.

What do you look for in a settlement deal?

How often do your cases end in settlements?

If you could choose, which would you do more frequently–settle, or go to trial?

What advantages does settling have over going to trial?

What common misconceptions about settlements irritate you the most?

Please post your answers in the comment field below!

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