Having a license is necessary if you are using a restricted pesticide. If you are using a general pesticide, you do not need a license. Many times, over the counter pesticides cannot do the work of a restricted pesticide that professional exterminators use to control pests. If you happen upon someone selling restricted pesticides, you are not going to save yourself any money by buying it and using it. If you are caught, you will incur large fines. A pest control company that is trained, licensed and certified can use the restricted pesticides. Safe applications are extremely important when working with these pesticides.

If you are using general pesticides, you must educate yourself on the ingredients, safety precautions and specific directions for use. You have to be careful when working with pesticides. It is not just a matter of applying the pesticide and you are done. Children and pets should be kept away from any areas where you have recently applied pesticides. The environment needs to be protected as well. Safe applications are necessary to protect everything.

Pest control is not something everyone should perform on their own, especially if they do not have any knowledge about pest control and pest management. If you find a pesticide that is restricted for use by an exterminator, do not use it yourself. There are reasons why you need a license to use these pesticides. All general pesticides should be used with caution, but they do not require a license. Just be careful how you use the product. It is very important to use caution whenever you use any chemicals. Keep children and pets away from the area even if it says that it is safe.

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