Install a Shower: Prefabricated or Tile?


Before you install shower walls or tiles, take a moment to think about the style that you are looking to achieve. You need to take into consideration whether you want a stand alone shower or a bathtub with a shower. Also, you will need to make a decision on what type of shower you want. Do you want the lower cost and easier to install prefabricated models? Or does a custom tile shower sound more luxurious to you?

And then, of course, there is the plumbing. Are there existing pipes? If so, will they need to be replaced or rerouted? These are all considerations that need to be made before you begin purchasing product.

Oftentimes it turns out that building a new bathroom makes the ability to install a shower easier than in existing bathrooms with existing pipes. As long as you don’t do anything silly like close up the walls too soon. Regardless, your local professional plumber will be able to find a solution for any bathroom.

When it comes to the style of your shower, it is important to keep in mind how much things will cost. While a custom tile shower is a real showpiece of your bathroom, the cost of custom tiles can become expensive quickly. If you are trying to do the project yourself, remember that you cannot afford to break too many tiles while trying to cut them to size or your budget will be blown quickly. Also, items such as the shower drain, spout, showerhead and faucet handles will all need to be accounted for in your budget. When planning your shower install, keep all these factors in mind.

A prefabricated shower is cost efficient and will install quickly. However, even with improved colors and finishes available, it is unlikely that a prefabricated shower will inspire the kind of “wow” factor of a tile shower.