Roofs are made from different materials and each material has a different lifespan.

To determine how long your roof should last, check the manufacturer’s warranty.

A preventative roof maintenance plan, utilizing seasonal inspections, will increase the lifespan of your roof.

Your roofer can give you a good plan.

Learn, as well, what you shouldn’t do that would void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Another aspect of roofing to consider is the material used for the underlayment, sheathing and trusses. If you are building a new roof, all parts of your roof system will come with warranties as well as methods of maintenance and care.

You should also have plenty of adequate ventilation included in your roof system to help preserve the life of your roof.

Taking the time to discuss all of the options available with your roofer will help you maximize the most from your roof.

A great way to ensure that your roof stays in great working condition for a lifetime is to build a lasting relationship with your roofing contractor. When you hire a roofer who not only builds your roof but also regularly inspects and maintains it, you will have the advantage of having a roofer’s warranty in addition to a manufacturer’s warranty.

Your roofing contractor should be much more than the person who installs your roof or someone you call in times of an emergency. By having your roofer regularly inspect and maintain your roof, you are taking vital steps to preserve your roof system and the integrity of your home for many years to come.

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