housing discriminationBeing able to freely choose your housing options, is an extremely important aspect of life.

Everyone cannot qualify to be a homeowner. There are a significantly large number of citizens who rent or lease their homes…whether they are apartment dwellings, mobile or single family homes, duplexes or condos.

No matter what type of housing you want to rent or own, one thing is certain…housing discrimination is illegal.

Housing discrimination is refusing to sell or lease property to an individual based upon certain characteristics that the potential tenant displays. These characteristics may include their age, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, even how many children they may have.

The subject of housing discrimination might seem to be confusing the law makes it perfectly clear. It is illegal to discriminate.

A landlord may feel that an individual of a certain ethnic race would not be a good rental prospect. A landlord might prefer not to rent to an individual with a physical or mental handicap. The decision might be based on prejudice, a stereotype or a poor past experience. Whatever the reason, the refusal to rent is illegal, but would be difficult to prove discrimination.

However, it isn’t hard to prove housing discrimination if a landlord blatantly asks you questions regarding your race, religion, disability, age, or family situation then turns you down. In fact, these types of questions are illegal and point to housing discrimination. Also, a landlord cannot advertise a property and specifically target a certain type of tenant in their ad.

If you believe that you are the victim of housing discrimination it is best to contact a lawyer for a free evaluation of your case.

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