Going green is not just a fad–it’s an important element in our fight to save and preserve our planet for the future. The front line in the battle to save the environment is your home, where even tiny daily changes can make a huge difference. Whether you’re swapping out your toilet for a low-flow model or completely down-sizing your life and living small, eco-friendly is always a good choice.

Why We’re Asking:

New ways to go green are popping up all the time. From the latest technologies to trends like shopping local or living small, the options are endless. That’s why we’re turning to our experts to identify the biggest going green trends for 2013, and find out which strategies are best.

So tell us, experts:

How can homeowners live green in 2013?

What are the biggest green trends you’ve noticed so far?
How can homeowners incorporate concepts like living small into their everyday lives?
What green strategies make the biggest difference for the smallest price?
Do you see any upcoming green trends on the horizon?

We all share this planet, so it is important to preserve it by adopting green lifestyles. Help homeowners make the most of going green!

Experts, post your answers in the comment field below!