DIY Ideas


How can homeowners fight clutter?

If you live in your own home, chances are that clutter is a problem for you. We’ve all seen the way that extra papers and junk can accumulate around the edges of our lives. It sometimes feels like no matter how much cleaning you do, there is always more mess. And the clutter isn’t just harmful to your peace of mind. As expert Joseph Molluso reminds us, “This large amount of clutter can hinder the way that we service the clients home. Not only is it a fire hazard, but it’s also a harbor-age for pests.” Luckily, our experts have …


How to Design by Season

This week we asked our design experts how to welcome new seasons by adapting interior design. They replied in force and we’re excited to share their expertise in our final summary article. But such a colorful question deserves more than simple text so we’re presenting an infographic that showcases all the creative ways you can change your design to match changing seasons  using colors, texture, artwork, and aroma. Our Home professionals are answering our latest question right now! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get all the latest updates and info from our Home Expert Network. …


DIY: What to Do and What Not to Do

For the price-conscious homeowner, DIY might seem like a great way to save yourself some money on home improvement and repair projects. After all, professional repairs can sometimes seem prohibitively expensive, and the cost of professional repairs around the house can add up quickly. It’s easy to see why some homeowners are tempted to attempt repairs themselves. However, there is a reason that professionals exist, and there are many situations in which DIY should never be attempted. You could end up costing yourself more in the long run, or permanently damaging yourself or your home. With help from our experts, …