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Best Resources for Home Improvement Professionals

Recently, we set up a free account on Houzz.com. In case you've never heard of it, it's a leading online platform for home remodeling and design. The site connects millions of homeowners, designers and home improvement professionals across the country. We post images of our completed projects on the site for free for others to see. Not only does it drive a lot of traffic to our website, it's a great site for crowdsourcing because we can follow the most popular storage trends. Plus, we can tell which product finishes consumers prefer and incorporate the learnings into our product development initiatives.

The Keys to De-Cluttering

Having the right storage system in place is key! We’re in the custom closet business and the biggest challenge we see is that so many home owners are stuck with stationary storage in closets, pantries, garages and other spots. This means they can’t adjust it or add shelves to it as their needs change without tearing it down or starting over. When the shelves are adjustable, home owners can truly maximize space. For instance, they can place shelves just above the items they are storing to eliminate wasted space. Another big clutter challenge is of course having way too much stuff. We always remind our clients that you can’t fit 25 gallons of stuff in a 10 gallon container. It’s easy for clients to get attached to their belongings, so we challenge them to think about their excess stuff in terms of “is it something you truly love?” “Have you used it in the last year?” “Is it something that others would benefit from if you donated the items?”
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How can renters improve their rental experience?

Since renting is more relevant than ever, property owners are looking for ways to differentiate themselves to attract new tenants. Since adequate storage is one of the top 3 amenities that home buyers look for, it only makes sense for commercial builders to keep this in mind as they’re upgrading or building new properties. Renters want apartments and condos that feel like homes, not generic spaces. If a renter is unable to find an apartment with great storage, it’s easy to add and takes little effort to install. Plus, you can take it with you when you leave! For instance, we manufacture freedomRail closets and the only installation required is one rail that attaches to the wall. If a tenant installs a 72” space, the entire design only requires 8 screw holes in the wall – and still holds up to 150 per foot. So my point is, don’t negate amenities that are important to you just because you think they take too much work and the property owners won’t allow it. You’d be surprised these days what complexes will allow in an effort to keep tenants happy and to attract new renters.