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50 years of expertise in homebuilding and homebuilding operations led to the establishment Grand View Builders. Marc’s custom-built homes offer appealing exterior architectural style and interior beauty. Ron’s focus on neighborhoods in the greater Houston area with options to “Build on Your Lot” optimize both value and amenities.


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Cutting Costs Without Cutting Corners

Building a new home is a big investment for most people and at Grand View Builder's we do our best to make sure the the process is as cost effective to the buyer as possible, without sacrificing safety and sustainability. If there is one area where we recommend buyers do not cut corners, it is building the structure of the home. Even with smaller budgets, it is important to invest in quality roofing and structural materials. By avoiding constant and costly repairs, this investment will undoubtedly pay off in the long run. For security purposes, it is also important to invest in top notch doors, windows and other structural aspects that are meant to provide security. In order to help offset the cost of investing in quality structural materials, we recommend our homebuyers opt for less expensive options when it comes to the interior design of the home. There are hundreds of options for everything from flooring and light fixtures to cabinets and knobs. With so many options, it is easy to find quality, less expensive alternatives without sacrificing design. If desired, interior design aspects can be easily upgraded down the road. For example, vinyl flooring is less expensive than than ceramic tiles and hardwood floors, and can easily be replaced by simply laying new tiles or wood on top of the vinyl.
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Refusing to Do Projects

The main goal at Grand View Builders is to help our clients achieve the home of their dreams. We love working with our clients to make the vision of their dream home become a reality, but as experts in home building and design, it is also our job to advise our clients and help them make the best long-term decisions for their homes. Many of our clients like to incorporate trends into the design of their homes, especially the interior. Designers at the Grand View Builders Custom Home Design Center often encourage clients to opt for long-lasting design choices when it comes to choosing major home selections, such as cabinets, flooring and back-splashes. While some trends tend to become more permanent, we believe it’s always best to avoid really trendy selections in favor of choices that the client will love to live with for years to come. It is much easier to accessorize with news trends, such as paint, fixtures and furniture, than to rebuild or remodel a whole room or home because the trend has come and gone.

Best Resources for Home Improvement Professionals

While the Internet is a great source of information, there will be many instances where the issues facing a home improvement professional will be specific to a certain project and it may not be possible to find a solution through a quick web search. Luckily, Grand View Builders has a network of partners that we work very closely with on all of our construction projects. Our network of partners includes experts covering all aspects of the home construction spectrum from kitchen appliances, flooring designs, faucets and plumbing appliances to cabinets, brick, roofing and even pest control. By establishing this network of partners, Grand View Builders always has a trusted panel of experts to turn to should an issue arise. It is important to establish these working and longstanding partnerships because the more the companies work together, the better they understand the business and can best help solve any problem that is presented. For some, the internet may be the first resource that comes to mind when tackling an unfamiliar tasks, but for Grand View Builders, partnerships and collaboration has proven to be the most success tactic.
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Getting Started in Home Improvement

Grand View Builders’ president, Marc Jungers, started his Houston-based home building company in 2009 after 25 years in the homebuilding and real estate industry. For young professional looking to start their own business in the home improvement industry, he stresses that nothing is more valuable than the experience one gains prior to opening a business. He suggests working in your area of interest for a few years to really learn the business, how things work, and how things can be done better. This is a great time to learn from mistakes, before starting a business. Finding a mentor who can share their expertise and lessons they have learned is also very helpful when starting out a career. As a young professional, there is a lot to learn that you probably didn’t learn in school, and this person will be an invaluable guide. While is it very important to get as much experience as possible before starting a business, once you think you are ready, do not hold yourself back by waiting for the perfect time. There will always be an obstacle to overcome. When Grand View Builders was founded in 2009, much of the country was still reeling from the economic effects of the Great Recession, particularly the homebuilding and real estate industry. Many would argue that 2009 was not an ideal time to start any business, mush less homebuilding, but thanks to the strong Houston housing market and recovering national economy, Grand View Builders is now a successful and growing business. Once you make the decision to start your business, you want to hire professionals with diverse experience and backgrounds. This allows for diverse opinions and viewpoints, which are vital to the success of a growing business. At Grand View Builders, we guide our team with the philosophy that we will grow by utilizing our combined experience in several areas of the homebuilding industry. This combination allows us to offer a wide range of options for our customers, and has allowed Grand View Builders to expand into other sectors, including custom homes, pools, and rehabilitation construction.

Learning from Mistakes

Grand View Builders opened its door in 2009 and in the last four years, our business has grown and we have had many opportunities to learn. As with any business, especially newer ones, some mistakes have been made and while some mistakes are bigger than others, we believe how you handle each one is more important than the mistake itself. Below are a few of the guidelines we always try to follow at Grand View Builders when we realize a mistake has been made. Address the issue as soon as it is realized: The earlier a problem can be addressed, the easier it will be to resolve. We use many channels to connect with our realtors and homeowners (Facebook, Twitter, email, phone…) so we always try to address any issue before the situation worsens. Don’t place blame: Not only is this unprofessional, it takes focus away from the actual problem and can be a waste of valuable time. When addressing a problem in a business, you’ll need the facts to address it head on. Excuses and placing blame can overshadow the facts and make it more difficult to come up with a quick and effective solution. Even if a mistake has been made, we always want our clients to view us as the professionals we are. Always be honest: When communicating a mistake to a supervisor or client, it is very important to be honest and open from the very beginning. Business relationships with clients rely on trust and it is always better to be honest about the mistake upfront. We always try to have a solution in place before bringing the situation to the client’s attention. By following these guidelines, we have been very successful in meeting challenges head-on, learning from the situation and salvaging relationships with clients.
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Aging in Place for Homeowners

When an elderly parent moves in with his/her family, it can be a huge adjustment for all parties involved, including the house itself. The best way to approach this situation is to plan ahead of time to the best of ones ability. Planning ahead can help anticipate challenges that an elderly or handicapped loved one may face when trying to navigate his/her new home. At Grand View Builders, our goal is to help every homeowner build their dream home. Below are some solutions we suggest to many of these clients looking to provide comfort for elderly family members, without sacrificing aesthetics or re-sale value of the home. We always recommend hardwood or laminate tile floors if a homeowner has a parent or loved one in a wheelchair who may move-in. Carpet can make it difficult to move around independently in a wheelchair because it takes more energy to do so. Hardwood and laminate floors not only make the home easier to navigate; they are also very popular and can increase the re-sale value of a home. Installing handrails in the shower and other locations around the house, such as near sinks or shelves, will provide support and also allow for independence. There are handrails sold with suction cups attached, which makes installation quick and hassle free. Suction cups are a great alternative to permanent handrails, which is important if the loved one’s stay is temporary or the homeowner plans on moving in the future. For those worried about wheelchairs not fitting through standard doorframes, we recommend making the doorframes a bit wider or installing French doors throughout the home. These double doors will create wide spaces, allowing a wheelchair to pass with ease and will not compromise the aesthetics of the home. In order to accommodate our homeowner’s dreaming of a two-story home, we recommend including a bedroom-suite on the first floor so the family member will not have to travel upstairs. If in the future, the family decides to sell the home, having a downstairs master bedroom or guest quarters will add a unique aspect and increase the value of the home. While accommodating an elderly family member can be a huge adjustment, with future planning and a little creativity, homeowners will not have to sacrifice the plans for their dream home in order to care for a loved one.
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Common Customer Calls

Many of the phone calls we receive at Grand View Builders come from our homeowners (“clients”) we work with to build their custom homes. Our homeowners often become overwhelmed with all of the possibilities for the design of their own home and they will ask us, as the experts, to make these decisions for them. This can be difficult at times because each homeowner is different, with different styles, likes and dislikes, and what works for one homeowner will not always work for another. We want everyone to feel that their custom homes truly reflect their individual styles and we prefer to help guide the decision making by providing suggestions and information, rather than making the decisions for them. This can be hard to accomplish over a single phone call so we invite our homeowners to our design center, where, with the help of a design consultant, they can explore all of the available possibilities to enhance their home. The experience allows the design consultant the opportunity to really get to know and understand the client’s style, which makes them better equipped to offer advice than a quick conversation over the phone!

The Keys to De-Cluttering

De-cluttering can be a very overwhelming task for homeowners to tackle. Fortunately for our new homeowners there is no better time to de-clutter than when you move from your old home into your new one. We are sharing a couple of tips that we at Grand View Builders recommend to our new homeowners facing the dreaded de-cluttering process before the big move. De-cluttering can be very overwhelming, so it is important to give yourself enough time to properly sort through everything. Do not try and tackle the whole house in one weekend! Feeling rushed will only cause more stress and it takes time to properly organize and sort everything. Before you start, make sure you have everything you will need to accomplish the project (boxes, a shredder, tape, markers for labeling, etc.). Having to run back to the store will break your stride and you may find it hard to get started again. One of the biggest dilemmas people face when de-cluttering is deciding what to keep and what to trash. When faced with this dilemma ask yourself if you were shopping today, would you buy this item again? If the answer is no, you probably don’t love it, so leave it (in the trash or donation pile). Many homeowners think that the trash is the only place their old, outdated or outgrown items can go. Remember that items can be donated or sold in a yard sale. Have separate bags or boxes for ‘trash,’ ‘giveaway’ or ‘yard sale’ while cleaning to streamline the process. Donating or selling items will help you part with possessions that may have been difficult to throw away! Once you have finished de-cluttering one room or area of your house, make sure you remove the items that have been designated for trash and donations within 48 hours. This will keep you from going back to the items you have decided to get rid of. Seeing the clean and empty rooms you have already tackled will motivate you to keep going!

Making Your Man Cave

A “man cave” is an added feature in a home that we know appeals to many young homeowners. They search for that extra room in a house that can be transformed into his “sanctuary” for his games, drum set, sports memorabilia- you name it. What many ambitious homeowners don’t realize though is that extra rooms, such as these, are often the last ones that are decorated and last ones completely moved into. Homeowners also don’t realize extra costs that go into a project of this size. For example, the lifestyle of single males who may not currently have any children could very quickly change and the “man cave” space may need to become a nursery. Likewise, empty nesters should also consider the possibility of their aging parents moving into their home and needing that “man cave” room. If a couple does want a “man cave,” they should keep their room transformation to aesthetic and décor changes: a TV, couch and shelving are all plausible items that can easily be rearranged or moved. If having a “man cave” isn’t financially an option or your “dream home” is without that space, couples can compromise to still have the “man cave” effect in their home. The leather couch or large TV for the living area with plenty of spacing for his games or DVDs is a great alternative. Other options include a wet bar, a fridge just for him stocked with beer, a fire pit or grilling area outside, etc.…


Home Expert Awards: Cutting Costs

Building a new home is a big investment for most people and at Grand View Builder's we do our best to make sure the the process is as cost effective to the buyer as possible, without sacrificing safety and sustainability. If there is one area where we recommend buyers do not cut corners, it is building the structure of the home. Even with smaller budgets, it is important to invest in quality roofing and structural materials. By avoiding constant and costly repairs, this investment will undoubtedly pay off in the long run. For security purposes, it is also important to invest in top notch doors, windows and other structural aspects that are meant to provide security