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Top 7 Tips for Renters to Personalize Their Space

This week we learned a great deal from our home experts about making a rental feel like your own space. Through careful communication with your landlord and an understanding of what is allowed on your property, you can move forward with transforming a rental. Décor can be temporary and inexpensive, but still make a large impact.

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How can homeowners improve air quality in their homes?

You could have a chronic problem in your home and not even know about it. Poor indoor air quality. This pollution can cause significant health concerns for you and your family. The potential for air pollution lives in about every room of your home. Outdoor pollutants can enter your home and join forces with indoor irritants. These irritants can include mold, household dust, allergens from pet dander, and fumes from gas appliances. Water heaters, ovens, stoves, furnaces, fireplaces, ranges, and space heaters all release gas and particulates into the air. Poor air quality can cause symptoms like coughing, tightening of …

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How do you winterize a home?

Last week, we asked our panel of home improvement experts about the best projects to prepare your home for the coming winter. We got a fantastic response that highlights winterization projects for the coldest regions of the country, but also for more temperate regions that may not get frozen but can definitely benefit from some cold season preparation. We’ve compiled as short list of our favorite tips below. Because we got such a good response, we’ve decided to make a winterization project infographic due for release late next week, so stay tuned! Protecting Pipes Freezing pipes are a nightmare for …

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What are the worst home improvement products?

Eighty years ago, most people would have no problem grabbing a truck full of asbestos and throwing it up as insulation in their home. Nowadays, hearing a home has even a trace of asbestos will send potential buyers running for the hills. While that’s an extreme case, it does illustrate that not all home improvement products are created equal, or equally safe. When you hit the hardware store, you want to make sure that your purchases are easy to use, safe, and functional. In a world where you could easily purchase 30 variations of a light bulb, choosing the best—and …


How to Design by Season

This week we asked our design experts how to welcome new seasons by adapting interior design. They replied in force and we’re excited to share their expertise in our final summary article. But such a colorful question deserves more than simple text so we’re presenting an infographic that showcases all the creative ways you can change your design to match changing seasons  using colors, texture, artwork, and aroma. Our Home professionals are answering our latest question right now! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get all the latest updates and info from our Home Expert Network. …

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Managing Home Improvement Projects

To celebrate the last day of National Home Remodeling month, we’re shedding some light on hiring home improvement teams. We want to help homeowners get a clear picture of their options when it comes to managing more complicated home remodels, designs and renovations. If your next big project involves more than one professional, you may want to consider hiring someone to manage your team. When it comes to team management, you have three basic options: a general contractor, a construction manager or a DIY approach, acting as your own team manager. Construction Manager A construction manager can come in many …

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4 Reasons to Smarten Up Your Home

This time we’re not talking about making it look better—although we think that’s also a great goal to pursue. We’re talking about adopting smart technology for the home. The use of new home technologies is sometimes greeted with doubt, but when the benefits are this useful for individuals as well as the environment, we think everyone should get an run-down of the topic.


The Guide to Your New Home Improvement Toolbox

It can be difficult to find the best tool for the job; sometimes you might be in need of a tool that you didn’t even know exists! We’re hoping that this guide, compiled with the help of our experts, will give you some great ideas on the next thing you should invest in to add to your home improvement toolbox.

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The Best Ways to Keep a Renovation Kid-Friendly

There are a lot of things to think of when you decide to start in on a home improvement project, and sometimes details can get lost in the shuffle. So we’re here to help you with one of the most important considerations-how to keep your renovation kid-friendly! Whether you’re planning on having kids in the future, you’re a parent, or they’re just occasional guests, our list of kid-friendly considerations will give you ideas for how to incorporate their needs into your home.

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A Homeowner’s Guide to Natural Disasters

We always hope our homes will never be struck by a natural disaster. However, with all the recent earthquakes and hurricanes, we say it’s better to be safe than sorry! So we’re bringing you a comprehensive guide to preparing your home from natural disasters. With luck you won’t need them, but just in case, read on… Earthquakes • Repair cracks that are long and deep in ceiling, foundations, and driveways. • Remove heavy objects from high areas. • There are special construction options available, like shear walls or horizontally reinforcing walls. • Check and restore your roof; seek a professional …