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How does Seasonality Affect Design – Home Expert Awards

August is already speeding by and soon September’s fall chill will set in. As homeowners say goodbye to warmer temperatures, lots of things start to change. Barbecues are replaced with cozy meals around the kitchen table. Hot days spent in the shade of a tree become cold nights spent inside by a fireplace. In short, there is a general transition towards the warmth and comfort of indoor spaces.

To emphasize and embrace this transition, homeowners and designers often alter their interior design. Synthesizing seasonal changes with design is a great way to get excited about the coming months. We wanted to find out how homeowners can best alter their decor to accommodate seasonality.

Check out our awarded comments below and stay tuned for our follow-up article later in the week.

How does Seasonality Affect Design?

What are some simple design changes that welcome the new seasons?

Is it better to change with the season or adopt a neutral design that works throughout the year?

What about geographic areas that do not have distinct seasons, like the South?

How should seasonality affect your exterior landscaping?

Most Inspiring

"An easy way to change decor seasonally is with accessories: use autumnal and jewel-toned throw pillows in cold-weather months, swapping them out for pastels or neon brights in warm-weather months. This strategy works in any climate–seasonal or not. Cover the seats and backs of sofas with a heavy-weight woolen throw in winter (plus, it stands by for added warmth and cuddle factor), and then do the same with a colorful lightweight coverlet or even a length of fabric with finished edges in the summer. Indoor plants help too. Place low-rimmed containers of succulents on tables in the summer, but in winter try potted amaryllis. If you have heavy draperies with shades underneath, take the drapes down for cleaning and leave them off for the warm weather months." read more

Laurie’s comment is inspiring because she offers so many simple, but specific ideas.

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Most Creative

"Fall is a busy season for us for a few reasons. First, as people move back indoors, they want their homes to be organized. So they are busy adding more storage to family rooms, pantries and mudrooms. Many create family 'drop zones' at the front door to catch clutter before it enters their homes.

Another major storage makeover that happens in fall is the closet 'fall switch out'. It’s prime season to pack away summer duds and adjust storage to fit bulky sweaters and jackets.

When the home is organized, it runs more efficiently. Activities run more smoothly. Home organization makes the transition from summer to fall much easier." read more

Jennifer’s comment is unique because she approaches design from the perspective of a professional organizer.

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Most Insightful

"This is an interesting question. I like to have my designer create blinds that will block out the sun on those very hot days. The added heat from the sun coming through the window can make an air conditioning system feel like it is not working." read more

Steve Labbe points out that design and functionality often go hand in hand, especially when summer heat threatens to make the inside of your home unbearable.

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Most Articulate

"I am from the Northeast so we have all four seasons. My favorite trick is to landscape your home with plants that flower at different times of the season. In addition, plant bushes or trees that have different interesting aspects besides blossoms. Some are breathtaking from bloom to bare wood." read more

Through the use of perennials, annuals and evergreens, Anna helps show us how landscaping options can ornament every season.

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Most Informative

"I LOVE this question! Being able to change out your inside decor & some landscaping with the seasons is a perfect way to not only change up the energy in your space, but a great way to become more “in tune” with the seasons and live a healthier life.

You can use color (lighter, cool colors in summer, more saturated, warmer colors in winter), change your space-plan to focus on a great view in summer and then shift focus inwards towards a fireplace or TV as the weather gets cooler, change out artwork to reflect change in seasons and/or you can change outer curtain panels from a light, flow-y linen/sheer in summer to a heavier textile for winter.

I like establishing primary and secondary colors in your space and changing the accent color as the seasons change. Think pillows, throws, artwork, curtains, throw rugs…even candles and the scent you use as part of aromatherapy can change with the seasons." read more

DeAnna is enthusiastic about the use of specific colors and fabrics to create welcoming environments in any season. We especially loved her idea about the use of candles and aromatherapy!

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