DIY: Expert Awards

Keeping your home in good condition can take a lot of work–and money. Many homeowners turn to DIY to try to save themselves monetarily, but sometimes that can lead to even bigger problems and cost you more in the long run. How can you tell if something is safe to DIY, or if you should call in the professionals? We decided to ask the professionals themselves. Our experts had a lot to say on the subject of DIY.

historic home

Historic Homes: Expert Awards

Having a historical home can be quite an adventure. While the old-fashioned style and charm might draw compliments, maintaining an older home and following the strict regulations around registered houses can be quite challenging. That’s why we asked our experts for their advice on navigating the tricky waters of historical home ownership–and renovations. Our experts had a lot of helpful advice and tips from their own lives.

Home Hazards

Updates for a Healthier Home: Expert Awards

When you get home after a long day at work, all you want to do is relax. Unfortunately, many homes hold invisible dangers that are anything but relaxing, and can even lead to major health complications for you and your family. From mold in the air vents to pests in the walls, you never know what might be lurking where you haven’t noticed it. Luckily, our experts know about these sneaky dangers–and how to prevent them. Our experts had a lot to say about protecting a home from unseen dangers.

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World Plumbing Day: Home Expert Awards

Monday was World Plumbing Day—a day dedicated to understanding and appreciating how good plumbing and easy access to clean water make our lives happier and healthier. In the spirit of the occasion, we turned to our experts to find out which other everyday amenities and modern conveniences homeowners take for granted. Whether it’s water in the pipes, a roof over their heads, or not waking up to bugs in the bed, modern homeowners are able to live comfortably. We gave our experts a chance to tell us which vital services are offered that homeowners might be unaware of.

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Business Changes by Season: Home Expert Awards

Since many home industry businesses are greatly affected by the time of year, professionals are used to highs and lows of cash flow and productivity. To keep money coming in, many businesses amp up their marketing campaigns and/or change their services based on the season. Some companies even move their services to where their optimum work conditions do exist. This could mean roofing in northern states in the summer and southern states in the winter. We know that for most businesses to stay afloat they need to plan for peaks and dips in revenue.

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Renting Tips: Home Expert Awards

It’s common to think that a rental property is restrictive to tenants, especially when it comes to design. But a rental can represent your taste and lifestyle, just like a home. Personalizing a rental is possible without damaging the property or even spending a lot of money, according to our home experts. However, many rentals come with restrictions, sometimes too many to count. When renting a new apartment, most landlords require a damage deposit to guard against additions or changes not allowed on your lease.

home security

Home Security Systems: Home Expert Awards

In today’s world, security systems implement the latest technology to protect our homes. But security systems do not always perform effectively or correctly. In fact, criminals are skilled at disarming many home security systems with very little effort which makes us wonder if they represent a false sense of security that actually makes your home less safe.

2013 trends

Home Improvent Trends of 2013: Home Expert Awards

Ringing in the new year means looking forward to all of the exciting improvements and trends that 2013 will bring. Improvements and trends to the home are no exception. With the start of 2013, we are looking to predict this year’s top trends for improving your home’s design, remodeling and building more environmentally friendly, constructing homes that can withstand natural disasters, and lastly, making your home a comfortable and safe haven for you and your family.

polluted air

Improving Air Quality at Home – Home Expert Awards

Creating a safe home environment goes beyond having a strong foundation and de-icing your driveway. Sometimes, the most subtle problems are the most harmful. Poor air quality and mold, for example, are both hidden contaminants within the home. They can also cause monumental health concerns and decrease the overall quality of the home. When homeowners and even renters learn of the threats from mold and poor air quality, they need to look for solutions.


Top Advice for New Homeowners: Home Expert Awards

Owning a home goes far beyond signing the legal documents and making a monthly mortgage payment. Maintaining a home’s integrity takes a great deal of time and money. Even more, the ability to repair problems on your own is not inherent. This process can take time and a great deal of money, especially if you need to hire professionals to fix your home when the inevitable problem occurs.