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Man Caves: Home Expert Awards

Throughout the decades, housing trends have come and gone, inspiring homeowners to deck out that extra room in all kinds of different ways. Recent years have seen the increased popularity of “man caves”–extra rooms set aside specifically for entertainment. Man caves can feature everything from pool tables and bars to enormous fish tanks or surround-sound home theaters. What goes into a man cave is limited only by the imagination of the homeowner–and the practicalities of construction.

We asked our experts about the reality of installing a “man cave,” and what things home owners should be cautious about. As usual, they had a lot of advice about how to keep your project fun, yet safe.

Below, we’ve compiled a few of the helpful answers our experts provided. Check back later in the week for a follow-up article!

What's the deal with "man caves"?

What things should home owners be sure to take into consideration before building one?

What popular man cave elements are riskier than they look?

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen or installed in a man cave?

Most Inspiring

" Man caves should represent a passion; wine collecting, playing pool or poker or the latest theater or gaming room. They shouldn’t be ugly or have furniture that’s way too large for the space. " read more

Nancy's comment gets to the heart of what a "man cave" is really about. The space should reflect something that you feel passionately, and provide you with an area to indulge your passion. Having a specific activity to focus on can really help make the space feel like "you"!

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Most Creative

“Whether you're into sports, cars, or woodwork, garages are a man’s hangout, especially mine. ...I would suggest that you make a list of Man Cave uses and review what you will be doing before you start any construction or remodeling.” read more

Mark's comment helps highlight an issue many people don't think about when designing their recreational spaces. The room should be functional as well as fun, which means you have to take into consideration both the limitations as well as the opportunities of the space. Predicting future problems will help you plan accordingly.

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Most Insightful

“On any thing you do in your house, if you cant do it yourself, then get a licensed pro for the trade required to perform the task. Don’t let that pro cross over into another trade because their insurance is not going to cover mistakes or code violations.” read more

Rainbow Plumbing get right to the heart of the issue with any kind of remodel. Hiring professionals to do contract work isn't just a good idea. It protects you from mistakes and ensures that your home is remodeled correctly. Whether you're remodeling the kitchen or installing a man cave, always hire a pro.

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Most Articulate

“Our plumbers and Idaho remodelers have seen it all, from above-the-garage glorified dog house with top-of-the line kitchen remodeling and a plumbers playground for a bathroom. Having said that, the request for these high end items should be installed by a plumbing and remodeling pro. From heated toilets to full body showers … if done wrong the project could turn the home into a damp, cold cave. ” read more

2 Thumbs Up remind us that it doesn't matter what kind of project you're working on--not hiring a professional can lead to disaster. Nobody wants to end up with a plumbing disaster, even if the room is just a "man cave" in the garage.

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Most Informative

“What many ambitious homeowners don’t realize though is that extra rooms, such as these, are often the last ones that are decorated and last ones completely moved into. Homeowners also don’t realize extra costs that go into a project of this size. ... If having a “man cave” isn’t financially an option or your “dream home” is without that space, couples can compromise to still have the “man cave” effect in their home.” read more

Grand View Builders remind us that, ultimately, a fantasy remodel project might not be possible on a real-world budget and timeline. Couples should be sure to examine their reasons for wanting a man cave, and be sure that it's really want they want. There are a lot of other ways to get a similar effect for less cost, or to incorporate the feel of a "man cave" into other living spaces.

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