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Finding Remodel Inspiration: Home Expert Awards

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start on a home improvement project. There are so many sources of inspiration and so many styles to choose from, that it can be hard to pinpoint what you want.

So what are the best sources for finding what you want before embarking on a remodeling project? We asked our panel of experts to share where and how they get their own ideas, as professionals in the field. Interested in seeing what they had to say? Here are the top 5 suggestions…

For our fifteenth Blog-Off, we asked our panel of expert interior designers, contractors, realtors and green builders to weigh in.

We are compiling the information from our experts into a must-read article on where to turn to for inspiration. As a preview to this article, we wanted to outline the top 5 comments from our experts.

Where Can Homeowners Find Inspiration for Remodeling Projects?

Where do you suggest homeowners find inspiration for their renovation projects?

What inspires you?

Do you see a particular merit in any of the different mediums—like publications, websites, or blogs?

Are there any lesser-known resources out there for inspiration? Whether it is a magazine, blog, website, or phone app, we want to know about it!

Most Inspiring

“From what I have seen, and from my own experience, I believe there are two factors that inspire homeowners to take remodeling projects to the next level. Those two inspirational forces are 1. Desperation and 2. Excitation.

For example, some homeowners can be 'inspired' to add on a screened in porch because they're being eaten alive by mosquitoes when sitting outside. Out of desperation they're more likely to come up with a very creative and functional porch design. Homeowners with less of a bug problem usually overlook such details.

On the flip side, if a couple loves to entertain and cook fancy meals for their friends, the excitement of having that professional gourmet kitchen can inspire them to pull out all the stops. This may include installing higher end plumbing fixtures and appliances, along with hiring a professional kitchen designer." read more

We appreciated how Ed's comment noted that sometimes it can be your emotional response to items in your home that are the inspiration, rather that a response to a trend.

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Most Creative

"Need and comfort should drive inspiration. Energy conservation fits that bill, yet comfort can exist and be part of the upgrade. Do online searches, not for popular things like patios or kitchens, but just for what you need. For example: 'need to fix driveway.' Or 'kitchen too small.' Or 'have no sun in my patio.' You get my point. Trends are following, and bold statements of function are a leading movement right now. Alternative energy is not as ugly as it was. Lifestyle statements are acceptable." read more

Greg's got us thinking because he got down to specifics. He showed us that the best way to fix something that is lacking in your home is to find the solutions that other homeowners have used for similar issues. He reminds us that we have to think about need and function, and inspiration will follow.

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Most Insightful

"I would encourage you to mine your own memories! The best projects are always the ones that strike you the same as the tree fort you always wanted to build as a child. My daughter once cleaned out her closet to make a delightful, enclosed adventure space that was only 2×8 feet.

This or some other significant memory can provide a delightful way of thinking about a renovation because it makes you think about space, degree of enclosure, light, adventure, etc. These strong memories create a framework for solving the more practical aspects of remodeling." read more

We loved how Steve's comment showed us that inspiration doesn't necessarily come from physical objects, like a color scheme or a nice couch; it can also come from a memory or even a sensation.

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Most Articulate

"When it comes to inspiration I advise my clients to do one of two things.

1. Find something you already own that you love. It should be something that has personal meaning for you. It can be art, sculpture, a rug, your grandmother's dishes, etc. This way you are designing a space that will be a reflection of who you are as opposed to merely following trends. This can inspire you color scheme and mood of your room.

2. Be open to inspiration from unlikely sources. I have a client that based her entire home's color scheme on a photograph of spices in a spice market and an olive oil ad that showed weathered green shutters against a worn yellow stucco wall. Neither of these were design-related sources but they spoke to her.

There are many ways to find inspiration. You should choose the medium you are most comfortable with. Whether you prefer browsing online or visiting model homes, the medium is beside the point. The idea is to find what speaks to you regardless of what is trendy. Trends are changing faster than ever and you don't want to be in a constant struggle to stay current. Also, the result will not reflect who you are and what is meaningful to you." read more

We loved how Jill's comment showed us the way to finding inspiration that is personal, timeless, and unique for each person. We also agree with her observation that inspiration should be found in the way that seems most natural to you.

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Most Informative

"Always get a quote or ask your query to at least three professionals in the field of what you are looking for. Even if you end up going with the first person, you will find inspiration and clarification on the projects by talking to people who do it every day." read more

We appreciated how Nettie's clear-cut advice showed that you can get inspiration, learn a lot, and even find a good deal, all from getting advice from experts in the field.

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