Weather changes with the seasons, and so can many home industry businesses. Roofers are busiest in the late summer and early fall, preparing for the winter months ahead. At the same time, other industries seem to have peaks of productivity throughout the year depending on everything from weather to the economony.

The home industry is greatly affected by the time of year. If an area sees extreme temperatures, certain construction projects like pouring concrete can be put on hold. Even in areas where the weather remains mild throughout the year, different seasonal changes can change business, like holidays or tax season.

Why We’re Asking:

We know that successful businesses stick around through changing seasons, but how do they do it? We want to understand how businesses can stay afloat when changing seasons can slow or even halt the services they provide.

So we look to our home experts to learn more about their business models based on the time of year:

How do home businesses adapt to changing seasons throughout the year?

Do home businesses change their services based on the season?
Does it make sense for some businesses to shut down during their slow period of the year?

We look forward to learning more about weathering peaks and dips in business throughout the year. Check back next week to see what they have to say!

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