You must have heard the saying, “Get it in Writing”.

When it comes to your roofing project you need to get everything in a detailed written estimate.

Your written estimate is the tool that you will use to make an informed decision regarding the work that you will have done, the total cost for the project, as well as the expense of any materials and labor that will be involved.

Additionally, you will use your detailed written estimates to compare between roofing contractors and choose the contractor best suited for your roofing project needs.

If you receive the written estimate omitting include type of materials to be used, how the job will proceed or what type of insulation they will use, you may need to ask them for a more clearly defined estimate.

If the estimate simply has figures or cost estimates without an explanation of how the cost was reached, it will be very difficult for you to compare estimates between roofers.

You may find that once you have all of the information written down in your estimate, the company you select may not be the one with the lowest bid.

However, without detailed written estimates, you will be unable to compare roofers and make a qualified decision.

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