Our lawyers seemed to agree that any non-minor injury requires a personal injury lawyer to advocate for both you and your case. They’ve shared their best tips for when you find yourself needing a personal injury lawyer.

1. The type of injury you sustain should determine the type of personal injury lawyer you hire.

“Let’s be honest: you wouldn’t go to a foot doctor for heart surgery. So you have to match the specialization of the lawyer with the facts of your case.”

– Michele Colucci, MyLawsuit.com

2. Look for personal injury lawyers who are able to work on a contingency fee basis. This means there are no up-front fees other than a possible filing fee, and they only take a specified percent if they win your case.

3. Inquire as to how long your case will take and if unexpected costs could come up. It’s important to know what type of monetary and time commitment you are making.

4. Preserve your claims while you are looking for an attorney.

“Be aware of the statute of limitations. If you spend too much time looking for an attorney, you may lose out on your ability to start a lawsuit, no matter who you hire. Get medical treatment for any injuries. Failure to get the proper medical attention is bad for both medical and legal purposes.”

– Judah Fuld, Fuld Law Offices

If you fail to get medical attention or wait too long to start your lawsuit, you may no longer have a case.

5. Look for experience, particularly with cases similar to yours.

“Always ask about experience. Experience counts. Trial experience counts. Experience with the type of case you have counts. The honest practitioner will tell you if he or she is in over their head”

– Leighton Rockafellow, Rockafellow Law

6. Have a conversation with the lawyer you chose to work with. You should gain a feeling of trust.

7. Remember that a personal referral is always more reliable than an internet search or lawyer directory.

8. Finally, try to avoid firms who typically represent insurance companies, rather than injured parties.

We hope that this basic guideline is of use if you’re ever in a position requiring a personal injury lawyer. All of our network makes it clear that the personal rapport and trust you gain from conversing with the lawyer is of the utmost importance. However, practical considerations like fee structures and level of experience should never be ignored.